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  • How does Call Forwarding work?
    You can forward calls over from your carrier or through any means suitable to you over to us and we will make sure to handle your calls from their.
  • Where's your agents located?
    All of our agents are US based and we pride ourselves in that. Our normal business hours are 7am (est) - 6pm (pst). We also offer 24/7 support to accommodate certain businesses.
  • On Call/after hours coverage, and how it benefits my business?
    You might be thinking whether this service aligns with your business needs. If your business anticipates receiving calls during non-business hours, perhaps due to emergencies or the nature of your customer support extending beyond regular hours, then this service is tailored specifically to cater to your requirements.
  • What is the return on investment when using KustomerGo?
    Onboarding and finding the right candidate can take a lot of time, energy, and money on your part. Additionally turnover is an obvious concern when hiring an in-house receptionist or agents. With KustomerGo we ensure consistency and uninterrupted service from experienced agents.

Still have more questions? Our agents are more than happy to assist

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