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Hotline Consultant
Call answering services and ourtsourcing support

KustomerGo is your Home for Call Answering Services. We offer top of class agents that acts as an extension of your team.

Who uses our services and how can we help your business?

You are an online shop, and could use some help with customer service support. Whether it was Email, Phone, or chat support. We got you covered.

A dealership who want's help with pre and post sales, or taking business calls and scheduling appointments.

OR maybe you are a seasonal business, and don't need help at all time. Well with KustomerGo you can expand your operations without the need to hire employees for only a few months each year. Scale up and down easily and in minutes.

You are 24/7 Flood or Fire response and need help at all times or during after hours.


How can KustomerGo help address your business needs

  • Missing business calls? our receptionists will make sure every call is answered.

  • Telemarketing calls.

  • Help with your to-do-list.

  • Redirect calls to the right department.

  • Provide clear business image and message.

  • Resolve basic customer needs.

  • Take orders and appointments.

  • Follow up calls.

  • Call answering services.

  • Active after hours emergency response.

  • Call forwarding to on call agents.

  • Blocking spam and other unwanted calls.

  • Gathering information from customers for feedback or data purposes.

  • Email notifications and summaries.

  • Follow-up calls.

Step 1: Discovery call

Step 2: Match you with the right agent

Step 4: Onboarding

How it works

Step 3: Kick off introductory call

Step 5: Start delegating

No commitments, cancel anytime! Plans apply to our virtual receptionists and Call answering services!

  • Basic

    Every month
    500 minutes of our amazing services
  • Pro

    Every 2 months
    800 minutes of our amazing services
  • Pro Plus

    Every 2 months
    1300 minutes of our amazing services

We understand that each business has unique needs and goals. But if none of these plans work for you, we can create one that will contact us today!

Part time work re-imagined

You need the help at all time but don't want to pay full time salary?We got your back, Tailor your experience based on your needs!

Adopt a customer-centric approach to guarantee that each customer experiences being heard, respected, and made a top priority, particularly when handling customer complaints and addressing inquiries.

Customer Centric

We take pride in providing fast, reliable and quality support, so you can focus on what matters.

Our agents are highly vetted with years of experience.


We'll carefully pick an experienced agent to support you and your business needs.

Our services are affordable and easy to setup.

Speak to our team today

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